Willie’s cacao 100%

1.170 kr.

100% kakó



As the chocolate melts, your sensuous journey of pure 100% cacao begins. From South of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, Sur Del Lago’s silky flavours roll smooth, intense and nutty.

Completely natural, sugar free and vegan, it is perfect for both the true chocolate connoisseur and for all of wanting to reduce sugar. Packed full of antioxidants, is the perfect feel-good healthy  treat.

I made all my chocolates ‘Bean to Bar‘ from the finest Single Estate cacaos and 100% natural ingredients. Every step is designed to make pure, beautiful flavours – Pure Gold is conched at low temperatures for about 21 days (100 times longer than industrial chocolate) to remove any acidity, while preserving the charismatic nutty notes.

100% Natural – Pure Flavours – Pure Pleasure